Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why isn't there a white history month?

Hey- onetime comedienne and ukulele molester Victoria Jackson, what are you on about today?Victoria Jackson Just Asking, ‘Why Isn’t There A White History Month,’ It"s Not Racist

I wrote a uke song called White Men Are Good and sang it at a comedy club about 4 years ago. I could feel the audience tense up. Why? Why is there a Black History Month but not a White History Month? Now, that the white race is becoming a minority in America, perhaps we need to makesay, January, White History Month.
Ok, just your typical middling-student-in-middle-school-level philosophy and logic. Nothing new there. But is there anything else you would like to share with the class, Victoria Jackson? Perhaps something about how the country is going to pot because it is no longer run by white men, but you are not a racist?

You know what?  I actually agree with her...BUT.... which area of White history do we focus on?  Ireland?  Scotland?  Australia?  South America?  Serbia?  Since America is comprised of many many nationalities how do we decide where to focus?  Black history has a much more a narrow field so it is easier.  Yes, the Italians and the Irish had a great deal of hardship and prejudice when they came here.  So did the Asians.   Do we focus on them?  
This subject can cause you to explore many many layers beyond this question and is never ending.  All I care about is RESPECT.  We have all had it tough coming here.  Lets get over it, beyond it and just respect that we made it through !

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  1. .
    Will someone please be so kind to inform Ms. Jackson
    of the fact that ... 'WHITE HISTORY MONTH' IS held
    and celebrated EVERY OCTOBER (in the U.S.A.)?
    Thus -- the 'whining' (on all sides)
    can stop at anytime, thank you.